Equipment Standards

Every legionary gets issued with a set of standard equipment. Whilst on campaign it is perfectly feasible, even sensible to supplement this with additions of your own. So as you loot them or can afford them, you can get better helmets or lorica plus greaves for the arms and legs. But when on Parade, you'd better have your standard equipment around. 

The punishment (death!) for losing your equipment is more to do with not having something when you go into battle. So, if you get your shield destroyed or your sword broken, find another one on the field of battle. And certainly don't chuck the stuff away. At induction, you are issued with the following: 

  • The Loincloth
  • Socks (udones)
  • Leg wrappings and leg bindings (puttees)
  • Trousers (Braccae)
  • Military Tunic (Tunica) – short or long-sleeved
  • Military belt (cingulum militare) 
  • Leather Lappets – Apron / Skirt of decorated strips (Pteruges) - Def 3 location 13. 
  • Armor – Chain Shirt called the Lorica Hamata (Def 6 Chain mail shirt locations 9 to 13)
  • Armor - helmet (galea) (Def 7 on head (loc 5), Def 6 on face and neck (loc 3-4) on 11-) 
  • Cloak (Sagum) of cloth. 
  • Hooded Cloak (the paenula) of wool.  
  • Scarf (focale) Def 1 on Loc 3. 
  • Military sandals or boots (caligae). Def 2 Loc 18. 
  • Shield - +3DCV


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